I was born and raised in the town of Barboursville, West Virginia. I grew up playing several different sports, but football was my go to. I ended up earning a football scholarship to West Virginia State University as a wide-receiver. After a few injuries, I decided to take more of a pursuit on my education and transferred to Marshall University to study Exercise Science.

I have since then become an ACE Certified personal trainer, started working at the HIT Center of Huntington to train athletes, and also work at the Marshall University Rec Center as a personal trainer with specifications towards muscular development and weight loss training. My own training has led me to become a decorated NPC Physique athlete, and am now pursuing competition in the Classic Physique division. I have dedicated my life to the fitness industry and continue to educate myself daily.

I also have my hands in the business aspect of the fitness industry, as well. I started my own brand, WorkHorse Apparel, in 2015, and I also am affiliated with the new supplement company RedCon1 where I can even offer a discount code (T10EvanS) for any of your orders.

WorkHorse Apparel

RedCon1 Supplements

My future goals are to expand in the personal training industry, expand my apparel brand, start-up my own supplement company, and eventually open my own gym. I am a firm believer that if you work hard enough, keep the right mindset, and have a true passion for what you do, you can achieve anything in life.