Get Fit

Looking to get in shape? Customized workout and nutrition plans are the best way to get there. I offer several different options that best fit your needs and wants.

Simple Workout- $15

– for the person that is looking for a specific workout

Customized 5 Workout Package (w/ weekly updates)- $40/month

– includes 5 customized workouts with weight/rep updates every week

Simple Nutritional Guidelines- $30

– for the person that just wants to know what foods they should be eating to reach

his/her specific goals without being restricted

Customized Diet Plan (w/ weekly check-ins)- $50/month

– for the person looking for specific foods and measurements for his/her diet to

take their figure to the next level. Also includes weekly check-ins and alterations

Full Diet & Workout Package- $80/month

– includes 5 workouts with weekly updates, as well as a customized diet plan with

specifications for you and weekly check-ins and alterations